Macaulay Culkin Reveals R-Rated 'Hawkins Family Yule Log'

Macaulay Culkin provided the world with another Christmas classic this year in the form of The Hawkins Family Yule Log.

Culkin is a life-long Christmas celebrity, going all the way back to Home Alone in 1990. This year, he has had the nostalgia engine firing on all cylinders, but he did something a little different on Tuesday. Culkin's comedy website,, created a 2-hour Yule log movie to put on during Christmas -- but this one is R-rated.

Unlike the other Yule log videos that simply record a crackling fire for hours at a time, Culkin's has some eerie interludes spread throughout. It begins with about half an hour of simple fire footage, perhaps meant to lull an unsuspecting family into a false sense of calm before the action begins.

What follows are a few gruesome, violent and supernatural scenes right in front of the fireplace. Culkin uploaded a teaser last week that includes some of this strangeness, such as explosions, bizarre tentacles and a young girl breathing fire onto an open book.

"My one Christmas wish was for April Fool's Day to come early," Culkin wrote. "Now it has thanks to [Edmond Hawkins] and @BunnyEarsWeb. A 2 hour Yule log video that gets WEIRD about 30ish minutes in. Like really, really weird."

Hawkins created, wrote and directed the Yule log video, which went up in full last wednesday. The 2-hour long video already has over 18,000 views, and nearly 600 likes from the YouTube community.

This is just one of Culkin's ventures into holiday mischief this year. The actor has jumped back into the spotlight full time through Bunny Ears, where he hosts a podcast and promotes other comedians in their effort to sow chaos. This weekend, he allowed users on his site to vote for what his new middle name will be, vowing to change it legally in 2019.

"Merry Christmas to me, from all of you!" Culkin tweeted on Tuesday, when the results were in. "My new middle name has been chosen. You voted and the winner is clear. In 2019 my new legal name will be: Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin. It has a nice ring to it (if you like my name)."

On the more conventional side, Culkin teamed up with Google this year to reprise his role as Kevin McCallister in some Home Alone-themed ads.

Culkin inhabits a set nearly identical to that of his classic movie in the commercials, which promote the Google Assistant home automation system. In a series of references and call-backs to the movie, he shows off what the device can do.


"It was interesting going back and doing a lot of this stuff," Culkin said in a behind-the-scenes video. "They do a very good job on the set decoration and the props, and all the shots were really spot on. I'm hoping that people are really going to dig it."