Luke Evans Hospitalized After Reported Injury

Actor Luke Evans was hospitalized recently, but he made the best of the awkward situation. The 43-year-old dropped a photo on social from inside his hospital room where he wore a face mask, traction socks and two hospital gowns. Evans was quick to assure fans the visit was "nothing serious" and that he "mainly came for the gowns."

Evans posted three photos from the hospital on Thursday where he must have been trying to kill some time. He posted for two selfies standing beside the hospital bed with one gown around the front of his body as they're intended to be worn and another draped around his shoulders for complete coverage. He had at least one visible bandage on his forearm but other than that there were no IVs or other attachments to indicate what he might be in for. The actor was standing freely on his own two feet, and his spirits seemed to be high.

Reporters from PEOPLE reached out to Evans' reps for a comment on his condition, but there was no response. The actor just returned home from a trip to the French alps where he celebrated his birthday with friends. He has been posting about that on Instagram, so fans likely knew that there was nothing to be concerned about when it comes to his health.

"What a very special few days I've had. With some truly brilliant human beings. Thank you for making my 43rd birthday go off with a bang!" Evans wrote. "Especially [kellbell_red] and Big John for being the most epic hosts, and for [Justin Horn] making me a tasty AF birthday cake! It's been wonderful. I blew out the candles Delta Force style... apparently!"

Evans shared a video of himself blowing out the candles as well as several pictures of him with friends in the snowy getaway. Fans were pleased to see him doing well and they showered him with compliments in the comment section. Meanwhile, late on Friday night he made his first post since his hospital selfies indicating that he is now in San Francisco, California.


"You seem to be everywhere at once! Have fun in the States!" one commenter remarked. Another added: "Hi Luke, Looking good. Have a great evening & wonderful weekend. Stay safe. LYML."

Evans may simply have been at the doctor's office to get a thorough screening before traveling internationally. Whether it is required or not, COVID-19 tests are now common before international travel, and Evans may have been trying to set a subtle example with his post. Whatever the cause, it's clear that it truly was "nothing serious" as he promised.