Lori Loughlin: Jim Carrey Mocks 'Full House' Star After College Bribery Scandal

Jim Carrey has mocked Full House star Lori Loughlin after her arrest in connection to a mass college bribery scandal.

The Ace Ventura actor took to Twitter to share his most recent work of art, a portrait of Loughlin with a large red F in the top corner.

"It's not only Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman and their kids, but ALL cheaters who will eventually receive a failing grade," he wrote in the caption of the drawing.

Many of Carrey's followers have since commented on his post, with one saying, "Your artwork is so spot on of the ugliness and evil that exists in our world..it's not judgmental... it's simply honest perception of our existence."

"Right!! What the hell is wrong with the world today?!?! Great painting as usual.!!! You always caption the persons, hmm how to say ..... Disposition? True self? And you always know what to say when it needs to be said!!!! I love you so incredibly much!!!" another person commented.

"Those people who took the bribes are to blame. They enabled the system. Most parents would take advantage of that boost if they were given it. They are lucky enough to afford it, but you just know that any one of the parents who couldn't afford it would have done the same," someone else said.

"I'm more concerned with fixing a rigged school system where the name of your school matters more than qualifications. If all we do is punish the families involved then nothing changes in the long run. Start at the top of the school system and really make a difference," one other user tweeted.


Loughlin, as well as her husband Mossimo Giannulli and actress Felicity Huffman, were among those arrested for allegedly participating in a bribery scam that allowed students to be admitted to colleges without fair merit. A new court hearing on the case will be held next month, as prosecutors are currently building their case.