Logan Paul Infuriates With 'Caveman' Return

Logan Paul's return to social media isn't going over too well, his latest tweet facing a wave of backlash.

The 22-year-old YouTuber, who took nearly a month off after uploading a video on New Year's Eve showing himself and his friends in Japan's Aokigahara Forest, where they discovered a dead body and filmed it insensitively, has been attempting to slowly make his comeback. If his latest tweet is any evidence, it's not going over too well with social media.

"I'm back. Wut year is it?" Paul tweeted on Monday, though his message was met with fierce backlash.

"It's been like three weeks so...pretty sure it's the same year you ruined your career in," one user commented.

"Like if you don't want Logan to come back," wrote another.

"Should've stayed with all the other toxic people in 2017," Twitter user Chrysilla Bartz added.

"The same year you showed millions of kids a man who committed suicide and laughed about it," wrote another, referencing the questionable video.

After the backlash he faced from the controversial video, which he later deleted, Paul marked his return to the spotlight by making a solemn video about suicide prevention, where he pledged to continue learning about the subject and donated a large portion of his YouTube earnings. It was a bizarre pivot for the online persona known for brazen pranks and catchphrases.


Since then, the vlogger has been attempting to get back to business as usual, and the reception has not been great. Paul's die-hard fans are eager to defend him against any criticism, while his detractors can't wait to call him out for making light of anything serious, including a recent tweet about the dangerous Tide Pod Challenge. Many believe that Paul is capitalizing on the controversy that is now associated with his name.

While Paul's return is marked with backlash, he is also facing further punishment for the controversial video. His Google Preferred status was revoked, which will impact his ad revenue, and his upcoming projects on YouTube Red and other services were cancelled or postponed.