'Little People, Big World' Mom Tori Roloff Reflects on 2019 With 1-Month Photo of Daughter Lilah

With the new year upon us, plenty of people are looking back on the changes 2019 brought. This includes Tori Roloff, who used the occasion to reflect on how much her life has changed since her second child, Lilah Ray. Us Weekly noticed that the Little People, Big World star posted a pair of photos to Instagram. The first one was from November while she was pregnant, and the second was taken in the same room while she was holding her now one-month-old daughter, Lilah Ray.

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"2019 changed our family forever for the better," Roloff wrote in the caption. "Our sweet Lilah girl joined the family and we couldn't be more in love. I am so thankful for the growth and changes that happened in 2019. I am grateful for my little family. Especially my husband who is leading us into 2020 to make it our best year yet! I am excited to watch Jackson grow and develop into a BOY (he's like no longer a toddler. He's a full-on boy and I love every ounce of him)! Happy New Years friends!"

Roloff also added that the first photo of the two "was taken the day before I went into labor!"

Last month, Roloff and her husband, Zach, confirmed that the newborn Lilah Ray will be a little person in a video released by the TLC network entitled "Meet Lilah Roloff."

"Lilah has achondroplasia, dwarfism, so we're two for two on that front," Zach Roloff explained in the video. The couple's first son, Jackson, also has the same condition, as does their father.

Whether or not Lilah Ray also had achondroplasia was a question fans of the reality series had since the couple first announced the pregnancy in May. In July, Tori Roloff explained via social media that they wouldn't know until she was born.

Zach Roloff's mother, Amy, said in an Instagram video that she believed Lilah Ray would be a little person just weeks before her birth. "Just to give you a quick synopsis, they have a 50/50 chance of having a little person like Zachary or be an average size person," she explained.


Later in the video, the grandmother of Lilah Ray commended both Zach and Tori Roloff for their parenting skills. "I think she is going to be great. She is doing great, and I love how they are both parenting Jackson. I think they're both doing wonderful in how they are doing that."