Lili Reinhart Addresses Rumors She's Pregnant With Cole Sprouse's Baby

Another day, another celebrity shutting down a ridiculous rumor, today's being Riverdale star Lili Reinhart, who used her Instagram Story to shut down rumors that she is pregnant with co-star Cole Sprouse's baby.

Fans on Twitter recently began speculating about the actress' appearance and tweeting that they thought she was pregnant, something Reinhart quickly addressed in a series of text posts both shutting down the rumors and explaining that her body is continuously changing.

"It's unfortunate that one unflattering photo of my stomach circulating the internet causes hundreds of people to think that I'm pregnant," she wrote. "Nope. Not pregnant. This is just my body. And sometimes I'm bloated. Sometimes an unflattering photo is taken of me. Sometimes I go through periods of time where I gain weight."

"My body is something that I will NEVER apologize for," she added.

The actress explained to her followers that "My body will constantly go through change. And so will yours. And that's fine."

"So let’s not put so much time and effort into caring about a stranger’s figure," she concluded.

Reinhart's Riverdale co-star Camila Mendes also chimed in to share that bodies are constantly changing and that fluctuation is nothing to be ashamed of.

“I feel bloated 24/7, my weight fluctuates constantly, it comes with being a woman and should be celebrated, not criticized,” she wrote.

Mendes added that she used to "fear the day" people began commenting on her body, writing she has "suffered too much from my own self criticism" and "wasn't sure" she could handle the same from others.

“Seeing somebody as beautiful as lili respond to public scrutiny by preaching and practicing self love is all it takes for me to overcome that fear,” she shared. “Let’s continue inspiring women to love their bodies.”

Reinhart has dealt with this sort of public scrutiny ever since rumors first started circulating last summer that she was dating Sprouse. While neither actor has publicly commented on their relationship, the pair did make their red carpet debut together at this year's Met Gala in May.

Speaking to Seventeen magazine in April, Reinhart explained that her private life is private for a reason.


“Every time someone asks me about it, I make a decision then and there about whether I’m comfortable. It’s not like I’m in some kind of contract, but I’m not in the place where I want to talk about it, and that’s totally fine," she said. "It’s called a private life for a reason—it’s mine, and it’s special and sacred. My relationships are between me and whomever I’m with, not between me and the world.”

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