Lenny Kravitz Avoids Wardrobe Malfunction By Stripping Down for Bare Bottom Photo

Lenny Kravitz is no stranger to baring himself for fans, be it with his music or with his body. This also happens intentionally and unintentionally, which the singer found out first-hand in 2015 after his pants split on stage.

But here in 2022, with that in the rearview, Kravitz is giving fans an intentional "rear" view that he's considering a "new birth." Standing in thigh-high water, Kravitz stands half out of frame with nothing covering him except a shadow. The 58-year-old ditched the clothes to ring the new year. You can also see some of the tattoo work Kravitz is rocking if that's your thing.

He kept his clothes on for the preceding Christmas picture, according to PEOPLE. He was merely leaning on a palm tree while on the beach, eyes closed, likely thinking about shedding the year and embracing the second photo.

For those fans of the rocker keeping track, you can almost tie together an exact copy of Kravitz for yourself just from his nude shots and wardrobe malfunctions. The big one came back in 2015 when his plants split while on stage in Sweden. Given his aversion to wearing underwear, Kravitz was in full view of the crowd and quickly had to make some adjustments.

Speaking to Mr Porter in 2017, Kravitz talked about his style, his reasons for going commando, and the pants-splitting incident. "Do I have any underwear on now? No. Thus the problems that I incur," Kravitz said, via Entertainment Tonight. "I didn't rip them. They became ripped. It was fine. But it was a little cold in Sweden. I would've warmed it up a little, had I known."

His newest venture tries to capture part of his lifestyle in a bottle, while also enjoying a little vice in the meantime. He recently launched Nocheluna Sotol, a "wild" spirit from the Chihuahuan Desert in Mexico, with local experts "hand-harvesting" the sotol.

"As an artist myself, I respect the journey and am inspired by every intricate step of how this team crafts Nocheluna Sotol. I appreciate how this spirit stays true to the traditional ways of making sotol, exemplifying a true understanding of this familial craft," Kravitz added in a statement. The spirit goes for $80 per bottle and the rocker celebrated his recent movie appearance in Shotgun Wedding, starring J-Lo and Josh Duhamel. The film hits Amazon on January 27.