Lena Dunham Seemingly Defends Jordyn Woods Following Tristan Thompson Cheating Incident

Lena Dunham has seemingly come out to defend Jordyn Woods, following the recent Tristan Thompson cheating incident.

Dunham took to Twitter to pose the question, "Can you imagine if who you'd made out with when you were 21 had massive public shaming consequences?"

"When I was 21 I kissed my friend's crush in my bathroom during a dinner party," she added. "I was inexplicably wearing a dog leash. I stayed in bed for days feeling hot shame. That was enough of a consequence! Nobody slashed prices on my eyeliner brand or whatever."

"The legal drinking age is 21. The legal going on TV age should be 26," Dunham went on to say, finally adding, "Just weighing in on the important national issues!"

The former Girls star very likely is referring to the scandal that arose over the past couple of weeks, wherein Jordyn Woods allegedly had a sexual encounter with Khloe Kardashian's now-ex boyfriend.

Woods is reportedly planning to share her side of the story during a sit-down interview with Jada Pinkett Smith's Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk.

A source close to the Kardashian family has said that they are very "upset" that she is taking the story to a public format, rather than keeping it a private matter.

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"The Kardashians are upset with Jordyn's Red Table Talk interview, and feel like she should be focusing more on healing her relationship privately with the family or Kylie then talking about it publicly," the source shared with ET.

"The Kardashian-Jenners have been nothing but incredible to Jordyn and hope she'll be respectful. They just wish her way of dealing with it was done in a different way," the sourced added.

A separate source spoke to PEOPLE about the unfolding drama, and explained that Woods may have a hard time speaking about the situation due having to sign an NDA regarding Kardashian-Jenner family business.


"She can't talk about the family, so it's unclear what she's going to be able to say to Jada," the source shared. "She can apologize but can't talk about anything really beyond that in terms of the family."

Woods' episode of Red Table Talk will stream this Friday, March 1.