Laurie Hernandez Weighs in on Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe If Given the Opportunity (Exclusive)

Laurie Hernandez may be an Olympic medalist, but don't put it past her to be one of Marvel's next superheroes! While she may be a superhero in her fans' eyes when it comes to being a pro at gymnastics, acting in Hollywood is not far out of her reach as being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a dream for the 21-year-old. Following a share on social media where she thanks Marvel for its leotard inspiration from a number of MCU heroes, Hernandez told in an exclusive interview that she would absolutely partake in being in a Marvel film if given the opportunity.

"Oh yeah, absolutely! I mean, even if they just let me audition for something," she gushed. "Whether I get in or not is up to them, but just let me try it. At the end of the day, it's just the fact that I grew up watching these superheroes and as cheesy and as fictional as it is, they were so inspiring as part of like my own athletic career."

However, it's not just her that's found inspiration in characters like Superman, Black Panther, and Iron Man, there are several elite athletes that she practices and competes alongside who feel the exact same. "You ask any other athlete, their inspiration comes from somewhere. Whether that be anime or watching other sports. For a lot of us, it is superheroes. You got Jordan Chiles is going to the Olympics and she's got Spider-Man in her floor music. Inspiration is pulled from everywhere and that would just be a dream."

As Chiles heads to the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Hernandez will be attending as a commentator this year instead of a gymnast for the U.S. team. Due to an injury suffered on the balance beam after hyperextending her left leg, she's trying something a little new this year.

"It's wonderful because it's so fresh!" she said of the new opportunity. "There's a lot of getting used to quickly, just because I was trying to go to Tokyo and compete as an athlete, but to be still able to go and look at things from a completely opposite side, to see things from the production point of view and to be part of the thing that I saw just as much as I saw in the athletes when I was a kid watching commentators."


When asked if she was nervous to be on live television as a commentator, she said she's not one to shy away from the TV. She's already gotten used to it as an athlete, but this will just be a little something new. She also partnered with Team Lilly this year and is thrilled about that opportunity as well.