Lamar Odom Responds After Wendy Williams Mentions His New Memoir in 'Hot Topics'

Lamar Odom responded to being Wendy Williams' latest Hot Topic on her show taking her comments about his new book in stride.

The Wendy Williams Show host kept a mixed tone with her response to Odom's memoir, but the former NBA star still responded with a positive light after he found out of what she said on Friday's episode.

"Hi Wendy, I love you too. Thanks for telling your audience that my book should be #1 in the universe and I really can't agree more," he wrote on Instagram. "I think that US being both recovering addicts, we get to see the world from a different perspective and are actually DECIDING to use our celebrity status and influence to inspire people and sell a message of hope. A message of change and self love."

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"I love you for that and I love you for not forgetting about a small act of kindness towards you very far in the past," he continued. "I love you for using that little act of kindness to show the world what I am too, beside being an addict. Can you join me on my new mental health movement, LET's change together? Love, Lamar Odom."

He added, with a wink, "And how about I give you an exclusive on Book #2"

Williams said Friday she always had a soft spot for Lamar, before sharing an anecdote of when the two of them met long before his time as a reality television star, TooFab first reported.

"I'm conflicted. I love Lamar Odom, as you know. The first time I ever met Lamar, what did he buy me? Jeans. He left his credit card on the counter he bought me some jeans," she told the audience. "I didn't follow any basketball or any sports and at that time I wasn't doing hot. I was on the radio. Who's that big man and why he buy me some jeans?"

"I like Lamar and Lamar is a very nice man, he's a very sweet man and he's a very handsome man when he has himself together," Wendy added, before explaining that she made everyone on her staff read his book, "Darkness to Light."

After saying she believes his tell-all book was not "done from a mean-spirited way," she agreed she was "shocked this is not number one all over the universe."

She also revealed the only surprise for her while reading the book was the reveal he had dated Taraji P. Henson, before she said she was glad to hear Odom tell the stories of his past struggles in his own voice.


She ended the segment by addressing some of Odom's recent comments about Khloe Kardashian, calling her the love of his life and saying he'd still love to get back together with her.

"Khloe, you leave that man alone. You leave him alone. Khloe, move on, leave this man alone," Wendy said.