Kylie Jenner Shares Photo of Her New Mom 'Summer Goals'

Kylie Jenner's snapback game is unquestionable, but the new mom is looking to tone her body a [...]

Kylie Jenner's snapback game is unquestionable, but the new mom is looking to tone her body a little more before bikini season.

The 20-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians cast member gave birth to first daughter Stormi Webster on Feb. 1, and soon after returned to social media to show off her shockingly flat tummy and enviable curves.

But Jenner is hoping to get back to exactly how she was pre-pregnancy, she revealed in an Instagram post Sunday.

"Summer goals #[throwback]," Jenner captioned a black and white throwback photo of her showing off her her fit body in a bikini last summer.

kylie jenner summer goals
(Photo: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

As far as how Jenner has been getting back in shape, she may be using a controversial waist trainer to regain her figure.

The E! personality recently shared a sponsored post about a waist trainer to Instagram. It featured a $218 bundle from Waist Gang Society that includes a "comfortable" postpartum sweat belt, slimming cold gel to eliminate fat, a cellulite and toning glove, a box of waist tox tea and water shed pills.

"My girl [premadonna87] hooked me up with the [Waist Gang Society] snap back package. [Ad Waist Gang] has the BEST quality snap back products," Jenner captioned the photo.

However, this decision to waist train so soon after giving birth to her daughter with Travis Scott has drawn criticism from fans. Even medical professionals have weighed in on the matter, saying waist trainers have the potential to cause "harmful compression."

"A waist trainer is a very tight garment that can be clinched tighter and tighter to pull in the floating rib and anatomically compress," Dr. Cynthia Robbins, a Texas-based OGBYN, told Us Weekly. "This is worn higher, does not stabilize the pelvis and I feel puts harmful compression to the abdomen. It has a temporary result that is no different than anything too tight around skin."

She continued, "After the delivery of a baby, the body has had ligaments and cartilage softened by a hormone named Relaxin. This hormone has been produced at the end of pregnancy to allow for structure shifting as the baby moves through the birth canal. I advise patients to wear a support wrap or belly wrap postpartum to stabilize the patient's pelvis so that it is held in place and no longer shifts. This allows for early resumption of exercise and for earlier return to normal function and pre-pregnancy shape. This is a healthy way to quicken recovery."

Photo credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner