Kylie Jenner's Baby Nursery Color Revealed

As Kylie Jenner's due date draws closer, details about her motherhood plans are getting leaked more and more often, with a source now revealing the color of the young star's nursery.

The baby girl's room is going to be "pink, pink and pink," according to the insider, who spoke to PEOPLE. A moving company was recently spotted carrying a crib and other furniture and supplies into Jenner's house, preparing it for the new arrival.

Jenner's due date is sometime in February, and the source explained that she's excited but very nervous. The young reality star is reportedly open to the idea of pain medication, and hoping for an easy childbirth.

The insider went on to tell reporters that Travis Scott, Jenner's boyfriend and the baby girl's father, has been present and active in the final stages of the pregnancy. This contradicts recent reports that Scott has been avoiding his girlfriend, published by HollywoodLife. Just last week, sources told the outlet that the couple had been in a blow-out fight and Scott had scheduled several last-minute concerts in order to prolong his time out of the house.

This latest report puts all that to bed, but also confirms that the young couple has "no plans to get married, or even engaged."

In fact, this source claims that Jenner has already come to terms with the fact that she'll be relying on her family first and foremost for help with child-rearing. The Kardashian clan always takes an active role in each others' personal lives, and it's likely that Jenner's daughter would have been seeing a lot of her aunts, uncle and grandmother no matter what. Jenner's family is also reportedly getting used to the idea of their youngest sister becoming a mom at the age of 20.

"It definitely took some getting used to, but Kylie has always been very headstrong — she's always wanted to do her own thing despite what Kris says. Of course Kris just wants the best for her daughter and loves and supports her no matter what," the insider said.


"Kylie is very naive," the source went on, explaining what the rest of the family is concerned about. "Spending time with other people's kids is obviously completely different than being a mom 24/7. Kylie of course has no idea about all the hard work and sleepless nights."