Kristen Bell Claims to Have Found the Real World 'Good Place' in Instagram Post

On her hit NBC comedy The Good Place, Kristen Bell's character and fellow cast members have spent two seasons trying to get their souls into "The Good Place" (i.e. Heaven).

But with the show wrapping its second season on Feb. 2, Bell jokingly said on Friday she's already figured out the ending with an snap shared to Instagram.

"Spoiler alert for the series finale of [The Good Place] (in 5 yrs)- I finally found it," Bell wrote in the caption of a photo of her sitting on a beach in Turks and Caicos.

"[The Good Place] is at the [Beaches Resorts] in [Turks and Caicos] when the rest of your life consists of reading a book on the beach while you hear the sounds of your husband playing with your girls in the ocean," Bell continued. "I [heart] [Beaches Resorts] nd if you need me I'll be here forever."

Bell and her husband Dax Shepard took the family on a beach trip to the island in the Bahamas.


"[I] had a pretty busy day making my kids hold up some extra sun cover so I could stay on this beautiful beach A.L.A.P (As Long As Possible) (I just made that up) (Yes, my 4 yr old is actually holding that palm leaf)," Bell posted in a photo of her on the beach with a palm branch on her head.

Bell and Shepard, who married in 2013, have two daughters: Lincoln and Delta.