Kourtney Kardashian Shares Rare Photo of Scott Disick With Their Kids

Kourtney Kardashian shared a rare family photo with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick on Thursday, prompting many fans to wonder if she and the father of her three children are back together.

Kardashian, 39, and Disick, 35, pose for a goofy photo in the grass with two of their three children, sons Mason, 8, and Reign, 3. They also share daughter Penelope, 6.

Perhaps to some fans' disappointment, the photo is likely not a hint that the parents are back together, but meant more to document their family trip to Bali, Indonesia, where they were joined by Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and their respective children.

(Photo: Instagram / @kourtneykardash)

Although Kourtney does not frequently share photos with Disick since their breakup three years ago, the two have been co-parenting their kids together. The October trip to Bali was not even their first family vacation post-breakup.

Earlier this month, Kardashian was spotted out to dinner with Disick and his girlfriend of more than a year, model Sofia Richie. A source told E! News that Kardashian is making an effort to be closer with Sofia now that she knows Disick is serious about dating her.

"Scott and Sofia are very serious and Scott felt it was important that Sofia and Kourtney interact and bond," the source said. "They have kept things separate for over a year now, and Kourtney is now more open and willing to have a surface level relationship with Sofia."

"Scott and Kourtney both agreed it is better to get the elephant out of the room and for them to all be in each other's lives in order to make things flow easiest for the sake of the kids," the source added.

A different source told E! that Kardashian "doesn't necessarily care to get to know Sofia better, but she feels she needs to because of the kids."

“Sofia spends time with Kourtney’s kids, so Kourtney wants to make sure they are all on the same page,” they added “Scott and Sofia tend to get into arguments. Kourtney wants to make sure the kids are in a positive environment when they are at Scott’s house. She is setting up rules for how things needs to be when the kids are with Scott.”

Disick and Richie have been relatively private when it comes to sharing details about their relationship, but Richie did tell the Sydney Morning Herald that they're doing better than ever.

“We are very happy, very lovey dovey,” she said in the rare interview. “We are best friends and that is mainly the strongest connection we have. We have always had that best friend connection and from there it has really worked out. I am so happy.”


Disick opened up about his feelings for Richie in an August episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

"It's definitely the first girl I've ever been with other than Kourt that was a real relationship," he said. "I mean, one part of me is really happy that I'm able to care about somebody again, but there's always a part of me in the back that feels guilty because I'm moving on from Kourtney, you know what I mean?"