Kourtney Kardashian Says 'It Feels Good to Be Understood' and Twitter Reacts

After a recent episode of Keeping Up WIth the Kardashians, fans learned that the oldest sister Kourtney Kardashian is interested in taking a major step back from the show to create more privacy in her life. But the episode didn't air without several fans opinions — including objections. Now, she's opening up on Twitter after someone sided with the Poosh founder, mentioning their respect for the mom of three for setting boundaries. Kardashian then retweeted it and gave fans her input as well. But again, her followers had mixed reactions to the news.

One fan wrote, "I totally understand your need for privacy. Maybe you could look at sharing [more] about Poosh or your diet/lifestyle if you're comfortable? I think a lot of people are more interested in that over some dude you might be seeing! Love seeing you on the show xxx."

However, there are others who were less than supportive and feel that Kardashian has a job to fulfill, therefore her sisters shouldn't have to pick up her slack.

Someone else agreed, but mentioned her kids suggesting the mom do what it takes to support them.

One follower stuck up for the reality star, completely understanding where the 40-year-old was coming from, saying, "Nobody should HAVE to share private moments with the world. That's literally insane!! As family and especially her sisters y'all should NEVER expect her to do such a thing, that's not anybody's job."

Another commenter just encouraged Kardashian to bow out because it's simply time for her to go.

Kardashian explained during the episode that she's shared so much with the show's faithful viewers over the years from her relationship with Scott Disick, the birth of her three kids, the ups and downs she's gone through with her family, that it's just time her for to take a break.


"I shared everything from my relationship with Scott — everything — to where all these people were involved in my relationship and it was horrible for our relationship," she confessed. "The private moments are so special, and I just need more of them."

Last month she did confirm that she would officially be less involved with the series, but that she won't disappear forever.