Kourtney Kardashian Facing Backlash After Shaming Sister Kim for Drinking Bottled Water

Kourtney Kardashian is all about an eco-friendly lifestyle, as many viewers saw on the Dec. 1 episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In the episode, Kourtney criticized her sister Kim Kardashian's usage of plastic water bottles. However, as one eagle-eyed fan noted on Twitter, Kourtney was actually spotted drinking from a plastic water bottle in the very same KUWTK episode. Thankfully, Kourtney took to Twitter herself to set the record straight.

During the episode, Kourtney can be seen giving Kim a hard time because of her use of plastic water bottles, per Us Weekly. Well, cut to a few scenes later, and one fan noticed that Kourtney was the one drinking out of the object in question.

“Love love love that @kourtneykardash gave @KimKardashian s— for drinking bottled water and in the VERY SAME episode, she is seen drinking bottled water,” the fan wrote. “So chaotic, I love it.” They even included a screenshot of the moment so that there was no denying what happened.

Shortly after the tweet was published, Kourtney responded in order to explain herself. Apparently, there was a very good reason why she had to take a swig out of the plastic bottle.

"I was in Kim’s office and that’s all that was there," she wrote, adding a crying-laughing emoji for good measure. The reality star added that she's using this moment as a learning experience, "and no I’m not perfect, but I could have brought a reusable bottle for the day, this is true." Hey, at least she could take the fan's note in stride.


While she was spotted drinking out a plastic water bottle on the show, Kourtney has been vocal about her own plastic bottle ban. As Life & Style noted, the mom-of-three took to her Instagram Story in February to share that the drinking items are no longer going to be allowed in her home.

To announce her self-imposed ban, she posted a photo of two bottles of Just Water, the eco-friendly brand co-founded by family friend Jaden Smith. According to Us Weekly, the bottles are made out of paper and the cap is made from sugarcane. Just Water prides itself on presenting a product that is entirely recyclable and reusable, meaning that it's the perfect choice for those like Kourtney who are environmentally conscious.