King Charles' Reported Reason for Evicting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Revealed

If the rumors are true, King Charles might be a bit pettier than expected when it comes to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. While the royal couple will likely appear at Charles' coronation in May, recent changes have added more pressure on the event and the family.

According to the Mirror, King Charles' decision to evict Prince Harry and Markle from Frogmore Cottage was reportedly the result of the monarch's reaction to his son's memoir. As the outlet adds, the eviction process kicked off on the day after Harry's book, Spare, hit shelves. They also pinpoint that Harry's comments on Queen Consort Camilla were the fuel on the fire.

Including the claims that he and his brother, Prince William, had tried to talk their father out of marrying Camilla Parker Bowles, Harry also referred to Camilla as "the villain" in interviews and the third person in Charles' marriage to Princess Diana. He also claimed the future queen had plotted to marry Charles and was the source for many of the leaked stories popping up in the press.

"It was the last straw. Harry was well aware how Camilla would be a red line for his father and he crossed with flagrant disregard anyway," an insider claimed to the Mirror. "The King felt without a doubt it crossed a line – it was the ultimate act of disrespect."

Charles gave the couple until the Coronation in May to clear out their belonging from Frogmore Cottage. This is due to Charles promising the home to his controversial brother, Prince Andrew. The latter is currently embroiled in his own spat with Charles after being evicted from his offices in Buckingham Palace and threatening the Duke of York's current home at the Royal Lodge at Windsor Castle. Charles making reported budget cuts was an initial sign that this would eventually happen.

Before the eviction, Prince Harry and Markle were expected to attend May's event and only had to accept the invitation from King Charles. But according to the outlet, insiders think any plans have "drastically changed" and the king's decision was a stunner.

It also follows the news that Camilla will soon go from being known as Queen Consort and will soon just be Queen Camilla. While her official name will still be considered with consort, she'll officially be called the queen in all official capacities.