Kim Kardashian's Reported Bunker Is Not Sitting Well With Her Neighbors

Kim Kardashian's neighbors in her upscale neighborhood want no parts of the reality star diva's plans for a bunker. According to The Blast, Kardashian intends to construct a subterranean bunker at her Hidden Hills home. While it's something she desires, her neighbors apparently do not and they are currently in a legal war to put a stop to the project. 

According to legal documents obtained by the media outlet, The KKW Beauty owner wants an underground cavern near her home. But a neighbor is asking a judge to halt the construction, claiming the unearthing of the dirt is dangerous. The documents note that the property is located near a few high-pressure gas lines.

The neighbor is no fan of the opulence, stating In the filing that Kardashian's home is going to look like a scene out of the movie Richie Rich if she is granted permission to go through with the project. Kardashian is also reportedly constructing a subterranean "wellness center" and an underground parking structure - as well as adding a detached guardhouse to the property.

Neighbors say they are upset for two reasons: One, they argue that the neighborhood must maintain its "natural and rustic county setting," restricting any construction that'll change such in a major way. They also claim Kardashian's request goes against one of the Hidden Hills community bi-laws, claiming it's every resident's responsibility "to safeguard the welfare of all residents, maintain and improve property values, and retain the open rustic country feeling, and certain minimum architectural standards are necessary." 


Secondly, neighbors are concerned regarding the high-pressure gas lines. They fear catastrophic outcomes if anything goes wrong. In the legal documents, one neighbor uses the tragedy of the San Bruno gas pipeline explosion in California in 2010 as an example of the worst outcome. The decision is now up to a judge whether Kardashian's dream bunker is given the OK.