Kim Kardashian's Legal Career May Overlap With Dating Life With Latest Rumored Romance

Kim Kardashian may be in the middle of a divorce but rumors that she's seeing someone else are running high. For the last several months, onlookers have wondered if Kardashian and CNN talent Van Jones are moving towards a relationship, or if they're even romantically involved at all. While there is no hard confirmation either way, sources are saying that she definitely admires him and he feels the same towards her.

"There is nothing romantic going on between Kim and Van," one source said according to OK!. "But there is no denying that she admires him, and he admires her." The two have been working alongside one another during their four-year apprenticeship as she continues to make strides in becoming a lawyer. They were first seen out together in 2018 when they spoke at the Rolling Stones Criminal Justice Reform Summit. The insider even said that her ex Kanye West is having a hard time not being the center of her attention anymore.

"Kanye cannot stand the fact that Kim's life no longer revolves around him. Her devotion to the kids is her number one priority, followed by criminal justice reform. Kanye feels like he has been pushed down her priority list and isn't happy about it," the source said. According to the outlet, the minute news broke that she was a single woman, more than a handful of men have been going over and beyond to try and get a date with her, from other A-listers, to athletes, even royal members. Rapper, Drake, is even said to be among the many hoping to get their shot with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

"Drake's been crushing on Kim for years, and they've already exchanged some flirty texts [...] Kanye would be livid if he found out!" the source confessed. Although she's focusing on her kids and law, along with her many other projects, the insider said that she isn't opposed to being set up. "You'd think she would have sworn off men, at least temporarily, given how crazy things got with Kanye at the end," the revealed. "But Kim's told her Hollywood pals that she's open to being set up, and she's even been checking out some exclusive dating sites."


While she may be open to the idea, she's still very much in the process of figuring out the details of her divorce. While she and West are said to be putting their kids first, it feels as if things are getting tense between the two. Fans are getting to see a little bit of what's been going on behind the scenes on the current season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, although she doesn't want to share too much about her personal life with him in front of the cameras.