Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner's New Photo Sparks 'Sixth Toe' Photoshop Fail Conversation That's Absolutely Hilarious

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner recently teamed up to collaborate on three fragrances for Kardashian's company KKW Fragrance, and the two sisters are naturally promoting the launch with a photoshoot.

On Monday, Kardashian shared a snap from the shoot that sees the two reality stars walking side by side and wearing one-legged bodysuits, with Kardashian in mint green and her sister in lavender.

"Kylie's favorite is the nude bottle, I think mine is the pink!" Kardashian captioned the snap. "She's been wearing my perfumes forever so this collab is extra special because I know how much she loves the process. Finding her perfect scent was impossible so we narrowed it down to her three favorites!"

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Instead of the fragrances, however, many fans immediately zoomed in on the fact that Kardashian's left foot appears to have six toes in the shot. Comments included: "Why you got 6 toes?," "Am I tripping or does Kim have 6 toes? Someone explain, I'm so confused! I counted so many times," "Broooo go back to Aug 11 photo and she only has 5 toes. How do you mess up so badly by editing on a 6th toe," "Hahahahaha she legit has 6 toes in this pic," and "6 toes sis ????"

Several people also pointed out the fact that the bottom of Jenner's left arm appears to have been shaved down to make room for her hips.

"Kim has 6 toes and Kylie's hand is curved," someone pointed out, with a second person writing, "Kylie's arm bending right with her waist is impressive."

"Y'all messed up Kylie's right arm tryna photo shop.. yikes," commented a third.

Kardashian and Jenner collaborated on three fragrances that come in lip-shaped bottles in nude, pink and red. The scents will retail for $40 each and launch Friday on

Kardashian used another photo from the shoot to wish her sister a happy birthday on Aug. 10, though this post was accompanied by a sweet message rather than a Photoshopped toe.

"Happy Birthday @kyliejenner When I think about you I think of a wise old soul who makes amazing decisions that are always true to what you really believe," the mom of four wrote. "You have always been so strong and confident in doing what is in your heart and I admire and respect that. You live life like it's your last day and it's so much fun to see you live such a full life and being such a kind person while doing it all. I wanted to post a unseen 'music video' you, Kendall and I did back in the day but didn't want to embarrass you too much lol. I love you."

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Photo Credit: Getty / Taylor Jewell