Kim Kardashian Fires Back at People Claiming She Didn't Donate to Australia Wildfires Relief

The wildfires in Australia have been devastating the country, and many celebrities have called on their fans to donate to organizations helping out, as well as making monetary contributions themselves. Late Sunday night, Kim Kardashian clapped back at one person who accused her of not making a donation, tweeting that she doesn't need to share everything she does with her followers.

In a since-deleted tweet, someone had written, "Nothing gets me more heated than to see the Kardashians/Jenners talk about climate change/wildfires & not donate even a penny."

Kardashian responded to the message, tweeting, "nothing gets me more heated than to see people think they know what we donated to and to think we have to publicize everything."

The mom of four also retweeted a message from her sister Khloe Kardashian that read, "Good deeds should be done with intention and not for attention. We are all blessed to be able to bless others even if it is in the slightest way. But we do not need to be boastful about that. Be boastful in regards to teaching others how they may be able to help as well."

"We often bring attention to causes and ways you can donate. It's our job to bring awareness to situations so we all can help as a human race," Khloe had previously written in another tweet. "We Frequently post/speak about organizations/websites where we can all help save our planet."

Earlier this month, Kim had retweeted several messages about the fires, including a tweet from actor Francis Maxwell calling for awareness about the devastating fires and a tweet from Bernie Sanders about climate change. She also shared her own tweet that read, "Climate change is real" along with an Earth emoji and a breaking heart emoji.

The wildfires in Australia have caused unprecedented damage to the country, burning millions of acres of land, destroying homes, killing over 20 people and around half a billion animals in New South Wales, CNN reports. More than 130 fires are still burning and over 2,000 firefighters are battling the blazes.


Celebrities who have gone public with their donations include Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, who are giving $500,000, Pink, who is also donating $500,000, Selena Gomez, who did not share the amount of her donation and Australian comedian Celeste Barber, who has raised over $30 million through her Facebook donations page.

Photo Credit: Getty / TheStewartofNY