Kim Kardashian Cried After Seeing All the Memes About Her 2013 Meta Gala Dress

While Kim Kardashian has turned into a Met Gala staple, it wasn't always like that. During her 2013 appearance, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wasn't invited herself to the annual event, rather, she was her husband Kanye Wests' plus one. During that time, she was pregnant with their first child, North, and went with a floral printed dress. While the mom-of-four looked stunning, some onlookers didn't think so and pushed out hurtful memes towards the KKW Beauty founder, leaving her in tears after the event wrapped up.

"Kanye was performing so I wasn't actually invited; I was just Kanye's plus one," she recalls in a "Life in Looks" video for Vogue. "And that was OK with me because I never really dreamed I would be at the Met Ball. I know no one really probably wanted me there at the time."

Kardashian wore a floral print Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci dress that some found not so flattering on her.

Kim Kardashian - Met Gala 2013
(Photo: Jame McCarthy, Getty)

"I think Robin Williams even tweeted it, said I looked like Mrs. Doubtfire," she said. "I was crying the whole way home because I just couldn't believe it."

The tables have turned though for Kardashian because now she is one of the most iconic celebrities to walk the carpet each year, along with some of her family members like Kendall and Kylie Jenner. This year, Kardashian wore a skin-tight nude dress that caught the attention of many when she walked down the pink carpet alongside her husband Kanye West.

"If I gotta pee, it's a problem," she said in a clip of KUWTK as she was getting fitted for the iconic dress. "I think if it's an emergency, I would pee my pants and then have my sister wipe my leg up. I'm not even joking. She can wipe my leg up."

She also showed fans she came a long way since first attending the event because she made sure that her crew understood she wanted plenty of solo shots.

"Kanye can come in and take some with me, but I definitely want solos," she confessed.


While her dress went along with this years theme, she did spark some concern among fans after onlookers noticed how tiny her waist was in the dress. It was so tight and tiny, she had to sacrifice daily routines just to fit in it, but then later clarified that she's not promoting an unhealthy lifestyle just to fit into an outfit.

"That was very hard to breathe in, and I'm not promoting not sitting and not eating, and not peeing and not moving. That was a once, like, once-in-a-lifetime situation," she said.