Kim Kardashian Catching Heat for Using Her KKW Body Foundation to Cover up Her Sunburn

Kim Kardashian's secret for covering up sunburn has fans of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wincing and reaching for their aloe. The KKW Beauty mogul shared a video of her using her body make up to cover up a nasty burn on her chest last week, revealing she hadn't "had this happen in years."

Fans were quick to chime in, noting that putting makeup on a burn, even a sunburn, is not a great idea for your skin, criticizing her for promoting a potentially dangerous solution for someone with a more serious burn.

"Maybe you don't know that putting make up on sunburn make it even worse and it's really really bad for your skin," one wrote. "But promoting your products seems to be more important."

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"That's what I was saying," another replied. "Infection alert [come on] !!!!!!!"

"That make up on sunburn cause deep damage to the skin," yet another echoed. "So in a world where skin cancer is increasing someone like Kim Kardashian with such a powerful voice should post about how to prevent damaging skin. Not how to damage skin."

Others defended Kardashian, saying that while using makeup to cover a sunburn might not be ideal, it could come in handy during a pinch.

"She probably has a shoot or meetings and needs to cover up the burns," one wrote. "If I had a meeting or interview I'd do the same. [I don't care] otherwise, but certain situations may need some cover up."

In a May article from Refinery29 addressing the safety of using foundation on sunburn, dermatologist Kenneth Howe, MD, of Wexler Dermatology said, "It's definitely not helpful. Sunburned skin suffers physical damage from excess ultraviolet radiation, which in turn triggers an inflammatory reaction. Makeup, particularly heavy products, runs the risk of further aggravating the situation." I


Added North Carolina-based dermatologist Sheel Solomon, MD, if you do have to wear makeup on a burn, "Moisturize first to serve as your armor against any products you are putting on."

Photo credit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian