Khloe Kardashian Reveals Mom Kris Jenner 'Initially Misled' Her and Sister Over Filming

Now that the series is over, the Kardashian/Jenner family is looking back on Keeping Up with the Kardashians with newfound clarity. On Tuesday, Khloe Kardashian admitted that her mother Kris Jenner "sort of misled" her and Kourtney Kardashian about the project when it first began. She explained in an interview on the Haqq sisters' YouTube show Side by Side with Malika and Khadijah.

"Me and Kourt both were like, 'We just want to film at our stores,'" Khloe recalled of the very beginning of KUWTK. "My mom sort of misled us a little bit. She was like, 'Yeah, we're just going to film at the stores. It's all you have to do.' And we did it but we didn't really know what we were getting into. Then we were just like, 'Okay, we're already here. We'll just do it.'"

Looking back, Khloe said that the constant reality TV lifestyle took over quickly — before she consciously realized what was happening. She said: "Then it all snowballed into something else, but in the beginning, I don't think any of us knew what we were doing."

Khloe acknowledged that the initiation process was kind of similar for the Haqq sisters when they began hanging out. She said: "We never really had a conversation about you guys being on Keeping Up. It was just sort of like all or nothing."

"No, it sounded like, 'the cameras are walking in, just so you know,'" Malika agreed. Kadijah added: "I remember one time I was in DASH, this is when I was working there, and your mom was like, 'We're doing a show, everybody looks alive, sign that right there, let's go.'"

Still, neither Kardashian nor the sisters regretted diving headfirst into the industry, and they took responsibility for the commitment. Malika said: "We knew whatever [Khloe] was doing, we were riding with her."

Keeping Up with the Kardashians ran from 2007 to June of 2021, ending just last month with a reunion special. The series changed reality TV and, in some ways, TV in general. It even popularized the phrase "famous for being famous," creating the Kardashians as a new class of celebrities primed for the social media age.


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