Fans Comb Tristan Thompson's Cryptic Instagram for Khloe Kardashian Pregnancy 'Clues'

As many fans have learned the hard way in recent months, the Kardashian/Jenner clan really enjoys teasing its fans about potential pregnancy news — and apparently, so do their significant others.

While Khloé Kardashian has been relatively mum on the reported news that she and Cleveland Cavaliers boyfriend Tristan Thompson are expecting their first child together, fans have still been able to suss out a few subtle hints from her here and there (like all the time she calls Thompson "daddy").

Thompson, on the other hand, isn't as big a tease as his girlfriend. The 26-year-old basketball player doesn't post to social media nearly as much as Kardashian, and is even less up-front about the pregnancy rumors than she is, if at all possible. However, fans have combed the 11 posts he's shared since the news of Kardashian's reported pregnancy hit, and they seem to have found a few squint-your-eyes-and-they-kind-of-look-like subtle hints on his Instagram account.

Back in October, Thompson shared a screencap of a song called "Lullaby" by Canadian-Palestinian rapper Belly, encouraging his followers to check it out. Some of his followers seemed to think the song's title and the fact that it is by an artist named Belly could a hint towards Kardashian's pregnancy.

"Are you singing lullabys to Khloé's belly?" one commenter asked. "Hinting to a baby with @khloekardashian," another said.

Happy Halloween 🎃👻

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On Halloween, the famous couple dressed up as Game of Thrones characters Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo, who got married and even ended up expecting a child together in Season 1 of the HBO hit show.

Their costumes and the photo Thompson posted could be a possible indication of the future.

Happy thanksgiving y'all #thankful 🦃

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Finally, some fans think Thompson's Thanksgiving post featuring Kardashian in loose-fitting pajamas proves her pregnancy.

"Mmmmm, all cause of Koko," Thompson said in the video. Kardashian reportedly prepared Thanksgiving dinner in Cleveland with Thompson and his family, a sign for fans that the couple is ready to settle down together.

"You've got the best girl!" one person commented. "Awww you guys are so cute," another said.

Others wanted more details on the pregnancy. "Wanna se [sic] Khloe's bump!" one follower said.


More fans commented that this shot of Kardashian provided "proof" that they don't have a baby on the way. "100% not pregnant," one fan commented of the shot, while another asked, "@khloekardashian sis you pregnant or not ?????"

Thompson's playing fans just as much as the Kardashians it seems.