Khloe Kardashian’s BFF Malika Haqq Posts Cryptic 'Life Goes on' Message on Instagram

Khloe Kardashian's best friend Malika Haqq has posted a curiously cryptic "life still goes on" message on Instagram.

(Photo: Malika Haqq / Instagram)

The post features a picture of Haqq sitting a chair, while wearing a black t-shirt and an orange coat.

Many of Haqq's followers seems to pick up on the idea that this cryptic post could be about the recent reports that Kardashian's boyfriend, and father of her newborn child, Tristan Thompson had been cheating on her during her pregnancy.

"[You're] such a good friend. I never liked when Khloe through a cheap shot at you about dating Ronnie. But hopefully now she apologizes to because my gosh Ronnie's an angel compared to the three time cheater," one person said. "Let her [know] that a baby doesn't keep a man. She needs to be the example her father would want to be! Life goes on!"

Haqq herself is said to have pretty upset about the cheating allegations, as Hollywood Life reported that a source close to the situation told them, "Malika was wholeheartedly against Tristan being in the delivery room. She's fiercely protective of Khloe. Of course, she hates this guy with a passion. She tried to convince Khloe to ban him, but ultimately Khloe chose to give in and let him come. That was hard for Malika to stomach and apparently, when Tristan walked into the room, she freaked and was about to go off on him, like Solange in elevator-style."

To make matters worse all around, a new video recently emerged that allegedly shows Thompson flirting with yet another woman. This brings his total to six women that he has allegedly cheated on Kardashian with.

In the clip uncovered by In Touch, Thompson is shown in a New York City nightclub, standing close to woman in a white dress. A source told the outlet that the woman "knew that he was with Khloé" even though Thompson reportedly never mentioned her.


According to the source, things progressed beyond flirting, as the two allegedly left the club together and then went back to his hotel room where they had sex.

"She slept with him because he's an NBA star, but she thinks he's hot, too," the source explained. "She said that the sex was good." The woman was enamored with Thompson, it seems, that she took video of him on her phone, which the source claims to have seen and knew that Thompson was the man in the footage as identifiable by his tattoos.