Kevin Spacey Posts Cryptic 'Kill Them With Kindness' Christmas Video as Frank Underwood, and Social Media Is Perplexed

Kevin Spacey is back in the news. The actor, who was accused of sexual assault back in October of 2017, has largely removed himself from the public eye, aside from a few unusual appearances. Such is the case here, as Spacey has posted another video where he channels his House of Cards character Frank Underwood, where he wishes viewers a Merry Christmas along with some advice heading into 2020.

The minute-long video has Spacey tending to a fire in the fireplace while draped in a red Christmas sweater, and addresses the camera directly throughout. "I've made some changes in my life," Spacey begins, before explaining that he's trying to put more good out into the world. He goes on to say that when someone does something "you don't like," the best retort is to simply 'kill them with kindness.'"

While the message itself seems pleasant, Spacey's delivery had a distinctly sinister undertone to it, complete with some perplexingly dramatic music at the end. The whole thing has left people on social media quite confused as to what the actor's intent was with the video.

"Well he's offcially (sic) snapped," wrote one user, while another pleaded him to "Please just stop." For others, the fireplace itself was something of a focal point, with another writing "I think the real question is, who are you burning in that fireplace?!" Others, meanwhile, rallied in his defense after recent court proceedings.

The felony sexual assault charges against Spacey were dropped by his accuser in July, which led to a dismissal of the case. The alleged victim had previously dropped a separate civil case against the actor. In May, one of Spacey's accusers, Linda Culkin, was struck by a car while crossing a parkway in Quincy, Massachusetts who died as a result. The cause of her death did prompt an investigation from the police.


At the beginning of the year, Spacey's brother, Kevin Fowler, had spoken quite frankly about the allegations leveled against him, calling him "worse than Bill Cosby." The former star of The Cosby Show is currently serving a 10-year sentence for sexual assault.

Following the multiple allegations against the actor, Netlfix wrote his character out of House of Cards, and opted to finish the series with his wife taking on the main role, played by Robin Wright. He was also completely cut out of drama All the Money in the World, and his role of J. Paul Getty was re-shot after Christopher Plummer took over the part.