Kevin Spacey's Brother Speaks out After Actor's Sexual Assault Charges: 'He's Worse Than Bill Cosby'

Kevin Spacey's brother has spoken out after the actor's sexual assault charges, saying, "He's worse than Bill Cosby."

Randy Fowler — the former House of Cards star's older sibling — recently sat down with Radar Online, telling the outlet, "It's not just about the sexual gratification, it's about the power. He's actually worse than Weinstein; he's worse than Bill Cosby!"

"He actually believes that because he's an actor society should give him a pass because you loved him as these diabolical characters in the movies, so you should love him as a real sex pervert. He's the worst of the worst," he added.

"The first allegation against him came out in 2004 and he managed to shovel it under the carpet. But I knew it was just a matter of time. He has destroyed a lot of souls," Fowler went on to say of the previous allegations against the American Beauty star.

The new interview with Fowler comes after Spacey entered a plea of "not guilty" in a case where the actor is accused of sexually assaulting a Nantucket, Massachusetts teenager.

"This young man has only lived in silence for a year but the torturous emotions that this kid had to go through at the expense of my brother – this is just the beginning. My brother has been living this secret life for 40 years."

Fowler, a Rod Stewart impersonator and retired limo driver, also slammed his brother by saying that he does not believe that he has any "remorse over his behavior – which is strange. The man's got no balls and no shame."

He then shared some details of their childhood, the nature of which he believes helped shape Spacey into the man he is today due to their abusive father.

"What is really hurtful is that I spent the better part of my childhood trying to prevent my brother from being raped, then in 1975 when I moved out of the house my brother stayed in the home for five years," Fowler revealed

"And there is no doubt my father got a hold of him," he also said. "I've been trying to have a relationship with my brother but now it turns out 40 years later he actually represents everything I'm fighting against."


Finally, Fowler said that he does not "wish any bad against my brother," but added that he does feel like Spacey is "going to have to face his accusers."

Spacey is currently awaiting trial for the Nantucket incident. He does not appear to have released a statement on his brothers' comments.