Kevin Spacey's Brother Lashes out at Actor for Being 'Worse' Than Nazi Father

Kevin Spacey was slammed with numerous sexual assault allegations last year, and his brother, Randy Fowler, recently spoke to The Sun and blasted Spacey as being worse than their father, who Fowler alleges raped him repeatedly when he was a child.

Fowler told the publication that his father, Thomas Fowler, raped him over 50 times when Fowler was 14. The 62-year-old added that his father, who he nicknamed "The Creature," beat, whipped and emotionally abused him from the age of six before beginning to rape him at 14.

"He would push me up against the wall and sodomise me," he said. "My mother would be banging on the door saying 'What's going on in there?'

"And he'd have his hand on my neck telling me to shut up and she'd just walk away."

Fowler added that at age 14, he considered killing his father with a gun.

"I went and hid in my father's closet and I saw this brown box with a German Luger that my father had brought back," he said, adding that he crouched and waited as his father came up the stairs.

"He went to all the rooms and finally came to his but he didn't open the closet door," he continued. "If he would have opened the door it would have been all over. I would have pulled the trigger.

Still, Fowler said that Spacey is "worse" than their father, who was a reported Nazi-sympathizer and racist.

"All my life I thought I had protected Kevin from my father and it turns out it's all for nothing because he's worse than my father, The Creature," he said.

Fowler, who runs a limo service, also alleged that Spacey has taken moments that happened to Fowler and passed them off as his own in interviews.

"He wanted everyone to think he had a troubled childhood when in actual fact he was a coddled mommy's boy and his childhood was uneventful," Fowler said. "It might seem like nit-picking but I suffered this and it made me who I am today and my brother has no right to claim any of this stuff is his - it's beyond belief."

Fowler also alleged that Spacey had a "creepy" relationship with their mother, Kathleen, treating her more like "a lover" than a mother and acting "clingy and jealous" around her.

"You know their relationship was very strange - there have been rumours floating round the family it's not just something I speculate on," he said.

The interview was Fowler's first since publishing his memoir in which he spoke about his alleged childhood abuse. The book was published weeks after the allegations against Spacey began, and Fowler is now speaking out.

"If I could ask him four questions they would be 'What went on between my mother and you? Did my father abuse you? Why did you abandon me for 40 years and lastly am I in your will?"

Fowler added that the aim of his book is to help others who suffered from abuse.

"The whole point of the book is kick harder, scream louder scratch deeper. Somebody is going to hear you," he said.


"Come out from living in the shadows and break the chains of silence and shame of abuse."

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