Kevin O'Leary Resumes 'Shark Tank' Tapings Following Fatal Boat Crash

Kevin O'Leary is back on the set of Shark Tank after he was involved in a fatal boat crash in Ontario, Canada in August. TMZ reports that the businessman was seen on Monday at LAX, and sources say O'Leary has resumed a normal shooting schedule for the show. Sources add that no one on set has referenced the accident.

The boating accident O'Leary was involved in happened at night when the vessel the reality star was riding in collided with another boat. O'Leary's agent, Jay Sures, told CNN that O'Leary's wife, Linda, was driving the boat at the time. The collision left a man in the second boat dead and a woman in the second boat passed away from her injuries days later. Police added that three other boaters were injured and treated and released from a local hospital.

"Late Saturday night I was a passenger in a boat that had a tragic collision with another craft that had no navigation lights on and then fled the scene of the accident," O'Leary said in a statement to TMZ. "I am fully cooperating with authorities."

"Out of respect for the families who have lost loved ones and to fully support the ongoing investigation, I feel it is inappropriate to make further comments at this time," he continued. "My thoughts are with all the families affected."

Canadian law enforcement is currently investigating the crash, and a resident on the lake said that police recently took several witnesses to the spots they were in when the accident occurred. Witnesses being spoken to reportedly include people on the boat that was hit.

The issue surrounding the crash is reportedly whether the second boat had its navigation lights on. O'Leary has reportedly obtained video that shows the area where the accident occurred, though it's so far away that it's not clear. Sources say the boat that was hit was just two weeks old and produces a good amount of data that almost definitely includes whether the lights were on.

Sources say that if the boat did have its lights on, the crash would likely be Linda's fault, and if it did not, she is likely not at fault. Linda was given a DUI test, which she passed.


O'Leary has been serving as an investor on Shark Tank since its 2009 premiere. The ABC show will return for its 11th season on Sept. 29.

Photo Credit: Getty / Michael Kovac