Kendra Wilkinson Says She's Not Looking for Love in the New Year

Kendra Wilkinson is in no rush to find love in the new year.

The former reality television star took to Instagram to share her hopes and how she plans to tackle 2019 along with a beachside selfie.

"Lookin for a new love? Nah. Looking to tailor myself to please the eyes of others? Nah. Bettering myself to make people happy? Nah," she wrote in the caption of the photo. "This year I'll be me and let go of anything holding me back only accept eyes of love and support. Healthy and fit enough to play with my kids and dance in the mirror. Healthy and fit enough to climb the highest mountain with my closest friends!"

(Photo: Instagram/Kendra Wilkinson)

She added: "2019 will be about simplifying and decluttering. Focusing on what truly makes me happy and laugh."

"Push and work hard not to prove anything to the world but to prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to. Success will live in the 'wow I'm doing it, look at me go'. Happy New year everyone!! Love you," she concluded.

Wilkinson's new mindset comes a few weeks after she opened about whether or not she was still dating, sharing a conversation with a friend via text.

"If anyone is wondering how my dating life is going," Wilkinson captioned the tweet.

Back in November, the Kendra on Top star responded to rumors that she had started dating again following her separation from estranged husband Hank Baskett earlier this year.

"Been dating myself lately. Getting to know myself and even falling in love. Love and happiness is real without waiting on someone or something to do it for you," she wrote on Instagram. "Been taking a lot of patience, empathy, and discipline. Well, except with the d— head I flipped off on the road the other day…"

Wilkinson filed for divorce from her husband of almost nine years, citing irreconcilable differences. They listed their separation date in the documents as January, 1, 2018, request joint legal and physical custody of their two children, Hank IV, 8, and Alijah Mary, 4.


"Today is the last day of my marriage to this beautiful man. I will forever love Hank and be open but for now we have chosen to go our own ways," she wrote on Instagram at the time. "I'm beyond sad and heartbroken because I did believe in forever, that's why I said yes but unfortunately too much fear has gotten in the way. We are both amazing parents and our kids will be happy n never know the difference other than seeing mama smile."