Kelly Ripa Tears up on Air After Confessing She's Not Talking to 2 of Her Kids Amid Self-Quarantine

Kelly Ripa broke down crying on television this morning while co-hosting Live With Kelly and Ryan from her home as she admitted that she's currently not speaking to two of her three children. Although she didn't explain why, she did tell Ryan Seacrest and the audience that this process of being in quarantine has been hard on her and her family. Something else she's really struggling with is not being able to hug her parents.

"I'm not going to lie, I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I'm currently not speaking to two of my three kids," she confessed. "I'm not talking to two of them. Just because, we're all in the same boat together. I haven't gotten to hug my parents. I want to hug my parents. I miss hugging my parents." Ripa shares Michael, 22, Lola, 18, and Joaquin, 17, with her husband Mark Consuelos. After sharing that she misses hugging her parents, she said that her own kids won't even hug her saying, "I'm like, 'Guys, we've all been on lockdown together. We're fine, you can give me a hug."

Then, she got raw with Seacrest and everyone watching, even apologizing for being emotional saying, "Sorry, I don't know what I'm crying. Maybe I'm just going to get my period, who knows. Sorry, sorry. Sometimes we forget that we're on. Did I shout that? Did my inner monologue come out? Sorry, didn't mean to do that, didn't mean to do it."

While everyone around the world has been struggling in some way or another amid the coronavirus pandemic, Ripa shared what she's most sad about in all of this, while also acknowledging that it's not as big as some situations but says she's still bummed about it. She explained that her son will now miss his college graduation due to the global outbreak and her father will not receive a surgery he had scheduled.


"I feel so bad for my son, Michael, who was supposed to graduate in a couple of weeks. And I really feel bad for my dad who delayed having knee surgery that he can't obviously have now for so many myriad reasons. He was so looking forward to, you know, watching his grandson graduate from college." she explained. "It was such a big talking point in our house... It was at Yankee Stadium but then his film school, they have a separate graduation, and that was supposed to be at Radio City. So, two such iconic establishments that, you know, we're not going to get to experience. And again, these are small problems considering that so many people are losing their loved ones and [are] very, very sick. But it just, it is what it is, you know what I mean?" She then added that her son "is not bothered at all" by the sudden changes in his graduation plans. While Ripa wasn't in the happiest of moods, understandably, her co-host Seacrest did try and cheer her up a little and he too broadcasted live from the comfort of his own home.