Kelly Ripa Claims 'Enough is Enough' With 2020 Amid 'Extreme Behavior' Claims by Fans

Like many others, Kelly Ripa has had "enough" when it comes to 2020. Ripa's latest statement comes as fans of the morning show have claimed that she has been exhibiting "extreme" behavior on the program. While she did not directly address those comments, on Monday's episode of the talk show, Ripa did say that she was done with the mess that has been the year 2020.

In mid-November, viewers began to raise their concerns about Ripa, with some alleging that she has been "over the top" and too "extreme" as of late. The rumors about the morning show host's behavior seemed to have been prompted after one user commented on an Instagram from Live with Kelly and Ryan by asking, "[Oh my God]... what has been wrong with Kelly the last couple of days." Another user agreed with their comment, as they wrote that she seemed to have been "extreme on the show this morning." A third individual added, "It did seem off - loud tension." As previously mentioned, amidst these claims, Ripa had something to say about the year 2020 on a recent episode of the talk show.

According to The Blast, Ripa and her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, were in the middle of discussing the upcoming holidays. Seacrest even said that he was ready to put up his Christmas tree. Ripa then replied, "Enough is enough," in reference to the year 2020, which has been marred by the COVID-19 pandemic and the stress of the election season. She continued, referencing the health crisis, "I mean honestly, because it's... enough already. We've all had enough." Ripa has not yet directly addressed claims from viewers about her alleged behavior on the program.

The controversy surrounding Ripa's alleged "extreme" behavior has even led some to question whether Seacrest is quitting the show. Although, in mid-November, the two co-hosts did have a lovely heart-to-heart in which they bonded over the time that they've spent on the ABC show. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the former All My Children star praised her co-host for authenticity and positive attitude.

"Working with your friends is a great privilege. It is a joy, and I have to say that it is a rare thing to work with a guy who is so authentic and fun and joyful and humble and generous and kind to everyone," Ripa said. "What you see of Ryan on the air is the person he is backstage, which is a unique thing." As she continued to praise her co-host, Seacrest began to tear up. He said, "I'm using every ounce of energy to fight back tears right now, while she's saying that. We do a television show, but it's not just a television show. We come in, and we literally have our first cup of coffee together and catch up with each other as friends do, and that's the dynamic we hope we have with people who are watching as well."