Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Unite out of the Studio to Celebrate Labor Day

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest gathered over the holiday weekend with their show's producer, Michael Gelman, and took to social media to share their moment together. Seacrest posted a photo of the three to his Instagram account, seemingly enjoying their time together. In the photo, Seacrest is in an all-black ensemble while Ripa is in the middle decked out in a beautiful white dress, while Gelman is rocking a simple look with a white t-shirt and teal shorts with a hat. 

"The long weekend continues... Happy Labor Day!' Seacrest captioned the photo. Several fans were eager to show their support in the comment section, with a number of his followers asking when the live shows would start back up. Fans also wished the three a Happy Labor Day and seemed thrilled they took some time off to enjoy themselves.

After sending their youngest son, Joaquin, off to college, Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, are officially empty nesters. The sweet pair, who have been married for nearly three decades, share three kids: Michael, 24; Lola, 20; and Joaquin, 18. The 50-year-old recently got candid on her show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, about the emotional process of sending him off to the University of Michigan. "We took our youngest son to college; we dropped him off. It was hard. It was really hard," she told Seacrest, according to USA Today

She continued with, "We dropped him off at school, and we gave him a hug; it was actually brutally painful. And I said, 'I did not realize that 18 years would go so fast,' and he didn't say anything; he was just giving me a hug. But he turned to walk away, and I said, 'Wait, Joaquin, one more!' And he kept walking." She added it wasn't just her who was feeling emotional about the new chapter, saying, "And I knew that it was happening to him too, the emotion." 

Her choosing to ask for "one more" hug wasn't just a one-time deal. In fact, she also shared that it's something she used to do to all of her kids when she would put them down for bed. After tucking them in and snuggling them tight, she would give them hugs and kisses before walking away and coming back and asking for one more. Ripa noted it used to make all of her kids giggle, and that's when it became somewhat of a tradition in their household. Ripa took to Instagram to share a hilarious photo of her and Consuelos in bed and captioned it with, "We are crushing this empty nesting thing."