Kelly Ripa Admits Daughter Lola 'Was Meant to Live Away' From Home in Update After Starting College

While college is an exciting time for any newcomer, it's not out of the ordinary to be excited, nervous and scared all at the same time when the time comes. However, in Kelly Ripa's case, her daughter Lola Consuelos didn't blink at the thought of moving out of her home.

The morning show host says she didn't really "drop" her daughter off at college, "She jumped out of a moving car and was like, 'Bye bye bye,'" she explained to her guest host Anderson Cooper.

"She loves it," the Emmy award winner explained on Live With Kelly and Ryan. "When she was a little girl, like 3 years old, she used to play dorm room in her bedroom. First she played sleepaway camp, then she played dorm room. So this is, like, a girl who was meant to live away from us. She was born to live outside of the house!"

Ripa shares three kids with her husband Mark Consuelos, Michael, 22; Joaquin, 16 and Lola, 18. While their daughter was eager to start a new chapter of her life as a college student, it seems as though the pair were eager to keep her there until the holidays.

"College is where you start establishing yourself as an independent person, so when you send your kid off to college and your kid stays local ... if she feels homesick, I have to say to her, 'You can't come home. You have to work it out,'" she told her co-host Ryan Seacrest previously on On Air With Ryan Seacrest. "I treat it [like long-distance]. I did the same thing for my son [Michael]. 'You're going to have to figure it out.' My main concern was, 'I don't know if you should be this close to home because I don't want you using home like it's your home. I want this to be your experience.'"

The 49-year-old posted a photo of her kissing her daughter on the cheek with a cute caption about Lola leaving to start her new venture, sharing that her nest is expanding.

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The nest is getting roomy.........💕

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However, when Lola did transition out of the family residence, Ripa confessed she didn't realize how close her children were until they had to separate.


"I didn't realize how close they were until it was time to say goodbye," she said on her show while filtering through a few photos of her kids hugging so viewers and the audience could see.