Kelly Clarkson Reportedly Leaning on 'Supportive' Blake Shelton Amid Brandon Blackstock Divorce

Kelly Clarkson has been getting some much-needed support from her fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton as she weathers her divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock. A source close to the singer told Us Weekly Wednesday that the happy relationship the two have cultivated on-screen has translated to their personal lives, with Shelton taking on a brotherly role for his co-star.

"Blake has been supportive and the friend she has needed, as always," the source said. While Blackstock may still be Shelton's longtime manager, the country singer, has been there for Clarkson since news broke last week about their divorce. The source added, "Blake and Kelly often joke they are siblings."

Another person to lean on during this challenging time has surprisingly enough been Blackstock's stepmother, Reba McEntire. Another source told Us Weekly that the American Idol alum broke the news to McEntire herself. "Reba's supportive of both Brandon and Kelly's decision to split. She's anguished about it, but she's not one to judge," the source said.

News broke on June 11 that Clarkson had filed to divorce Blackstock after seven years of marriage and two children together, daughter River Rose, 6, and son Remington Alexander, 4. While Clarkson has yet to speak publicly about the split, she said in an interview with Glamour published after she had filed the paperwork that she had "been on an emotional roller coaster" as of late.

She said of quarantining with her family in Montana while still maintaining her role on The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show, "This has been really hard as a working parent because I'm still doing all the same jobs." Clarkson admitted that lockdown also truly made her feel the pressure on her "to be this 'amazing' stay at home mom while being a working mom."


A source told Us Weekly that it was that quarantine, in part, that led to the couple's divorce, as behind closed doors, Blackstock and Clarkson "clashed on so many levels." The source added that while people felt the couple had "the perfect marriage," in reality, "they definitely didn't." The insider continued that while Blackstock is "very laid-back," Clarkson is reportedly "pretty high-strung," which caused them to butt heads. While the two hoped to draw closer by quarantining in Montana away from Los Angeles, the source said, "being in quarantine together heightened their problems to the point of no return…so she filed for divorce."