Keke Palmer Reveals Her Guilty Pleasure Snack Ahead of 'Foodtastic' Premiere (Exclusive)

KeKe Palmer is known for her stellar acting but if you ask her what her ultimate passion is, it's food. The self-described foodie says it was a no-brainer to participate in the new Disney+ food competition series Foodtastic. Palmer is an executive producer on the show, which becomes available for streaming on Dec. 15. She is also the host. The show follows cooks and baking artists with different skill sets in the culinary world as they are instructed to create food sculptures based on different Disney IPs. While Palmer jokingly admits that she was crushed to learn she wouldn't be able to taste the food, she walked away being impressed with what each artist was able to deliver.

"I was very blown away when I realized that was even a thing that people do," she told Pop Culture in a recent interview about Foodtastic. "And then, on top of that, there was also the aspect of the show where I get to do these interstitials that kind of bring our competitors into the story arc of the different Disney IP they're going to be creating art around. So the fact that I was going to also get to kind of do sketches and play different characters, from the world of all these different...Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast...that was like, 'Oh my gosh, now this is very much, this is me, my name is written all over this. I've got to be a part of this.'"

Doing the show, Palmer was able to see sculptures made of everything from fruit to ice and took it all in. Though Palmer loves all things food, she has one thing she cannot live without. "One of my main guilty pleasures, I would literally have it just Ubered to the house randomly, is snickerdoodle cookies," she said. "I love snickerdoodle cookies. They literally make me just feel like my childhood or something. I don't know how to explain it. It's just something about them feels so homey. So I love snickerdoodle cookies."

But there is some things see can pass on. "Lately, I've realized that I have a very big sensitivity to gluten," she said. "So I definitely want to try to stay away from many things that involve that. Because it definitely changes my mood and the way that I feel. It's crazy as we get older, what we discover about ourselves, and our health and stuff like that. There are not many foods that I really will say no to, maybe eel."