Katy Perry Slays Social Media With Her Sultry 'Blueberry Muffin' Look

Katy Perry's wardrobe is always a hot topic. Whenever the pop star steps out, all eyes go towards what she's wearing. It turns out that her latest look, which she likes to recall as "blueberry muffin," is a popular choice. The American Idol judge shared a photo on her Instagram where she tabbed her outfit resembling the fruit.

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"im a blueberry muffin tho (sic)," she wrote.

To that, many of her followers came pouring in to share their thoughts on the look.

"So blueberry muffins are my favorite now," one user commented.

Another of her followers remarked, "You look more beautiful in blue tones!"

Perry has found her name in the headlines recently as her and her fiance, Orlando Bloom, have held off their wedding until 2020. The two were actually prepared to tie the knot this month but have since postponed things a bit.

A source shared with Hollywood Life why they decided to push things off for a little while.

"Katy and Orlando decided it was best to postpone their wedding for the time being," the insider said. "They are planning something really special and the timing didn't work out at this moment in terms of the venue. They really want to make their wedding day incredible and they don't want to rush the planning and possibly miss out on the little details."

Perry will also find herself back in the saddle when American Idol returns in early 2020. This will mark her third season as a judge after having hopped on alongside Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie in the 16th season.

In a recent interview, Bryan shared what it's like having the ability to shape the future of the industry.


"It's really fun having their attention and giving them advice," he explained. "I think the country music role is not an 'Everybody helps everybody' [role], and it kind of shows ... Katy gives amazing advice too. We all have our little lane, but when I meet a kid that I don't think is going to make it but I see myself in them, I really feel like I have to encourage them to really chase that dream."

Perry rose to fame in 2008 when her single "I Kissed a Girl" rocked the charts. From there, she has rose to become one of the best-selling artists of all-time and most decorated.