Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Bike Ride Features Cute Nod to Baby Daisy

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom enjoyed some rare alone time after welcoming their daughter, Daisy, in August. The two were spotted riding bikes together in Santa Barbara, California over the weekend. Yet, the two couldn't fully escape the realities of being parents as Perry's bike paid tribute to their daughter. The American Idol judge was seated atop a bike that featured a daisy-patterned print. The couple also was being COVID safe with facemasks on.

Recently, Perry spoke about how much her life has changed since becoming a mother with her first child. She held an Instagram Live in which she said Daisy has changed her life and continues to do so each day. She added that being a mother is the "best job in the world" and told her followers she highly recommends taking that jump when the time is right. "I see my daughter change so much in the past five months and looking back at photos it's like, 'Whoa'," Perry admitted. The pop star continued, "In a way, it's really encouraged me to be even more present and to value every day. And all we is this moment. That's what's promised is this moment and nothing else."

After giving birth in August, the couple released a statement through UNICEF, "We are floating with love and wonder from the safe and healthy arrival of our daughter." The two put together a donation page with all proceeds going towards new mothers and their children with their statement explaining the impact COVID-19 has had on pregnant women and first-time mothers.


Also impacted from the pandemic was Perry and Bloom's wedding. Like many couples, the two were planning on getting married in 2020 before having to postpone the event. A source told Entertainment Tonight that their wedding plans are now on the "back burner" so much so that they have yet to plan their new date. First-time parents, the two remain adamant on placing their priorities on raising Daisy and will return to their wedding plans when the time is right. Their original plans were for a big ceremony in Japan but the that was before the international travel bans and COVID-19 restrictions were put into place. It's unclear if they'll look to go back to Japan for whenever they decide to tie the knot. The couple announced that they were engaged in 2019 on Valentine's Day. They first met one another in 2016 and eventually became official in May of that year.