Katy Perry Reveals Why Her 'American Idol' Co-Stars Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie Won't Have Jobs at Her Wedding

Katy Perry is currently preparing for her upcoming wedding to Orlando Bloom, which means handing [...]

Katy Perry is currently preparing for her upcoming wedding to Orlando Bloom, which means handing out jobs to her close family and friends, as well as her fellow American Idol judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Perry shared that she had considered having Bryan and Richie sing at her nuptials, but noted there was one issue with that plan.

"I have thought about it. I wish. I wish," she said. "They're very expensive," show host Ryan Seacrest put in. "Yeah. That's the whole budget, honestly," Perry laughed. "Lionel, especially, is the whole budget. And with Ryan officiating? Yeah, it's over," she added. While Bryan might not have an official job to do at the wedding, the country star is still planning to be involved with the celebration.

"I'll be out drinking with Orlando the night before," Bryan joked.

"My fiancé's gonna come hungover and it's because of you," Perry told him.

Last month, the "Never Worn White" singer admitted that she wasn't sure her fellow judges would be attending the wedding at all when asked about it during a group appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"They have a lot of work to do while I'm out getting married again," Perry said, referencing her previous marriage to Russell Brand. "[And] it's gonna be a small wedding!"

Bryan cut in to joke, "Lionel and I, we've been dropping hints and this solidified [it]."

Perry and Bloom were reportedly scheduled to marry in early summer in Japan but have reportedly pushed their wedding plans back due to the coronavirus pandemic. The couple will now reportedly resume planning after their first child together arrives this summer.

"The wedding is definitely postponed. Katy was actually really excited about walking down the aisle pregnant. She thought it would be funny and cute to be in her wedding dress with a baby bump," a source told PEOPLE. "All her friends were joking that it was so her luck because they've been totally ready to start a family for a while now."

Perry and Bloom reportedly would have married before their baby arrives but will now resume planning after their child is born. The source says that the duo is "a little disappointed" by the change, but they're looking at the silver lining.

"Now they can just enjoy their time together before the baby arrives," the insider said. "They're going to pick up on wedding planning again after the baby arrives."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jon Kopaloff