Kate Beckinsale Eviscerates Troll Who Calls Her 'An Older Lady' Who Dresses 'Like a Teenager'

Kate Beckinsale can dress however she wants, no matter what a random person behind a keyboard said [...]

Kate Beckinsale can dress however she wants, no matter what a random person behind a keyboard said and the Underworld star let one troll know it on Wednesday. She shared a paparazzi photo of herself leaving a work-out, which inspired one troll to tell her she's an "older lady" who dresses "like a teenager." Beckinsale, 45, had a response at the ready.

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(Photo: Instagram/Kate Beckinsale)

"When anxious, wear at least two pairs of trousers and several bras just to tether anything that could panic and kick out," Beckinsale wrote in the caption, alongside a photo of herself in workout gear. In the photo, Beckinsale is seen wearing baggy pants over yoga pants, carrying a black sweatshirt and wearing a black sports bra over a white one.

Although many people praised her, there was one critic whose comment earned Beckinsale's attention.

"[You] dress like a teenage but [you're] a[n] older lady," the troll wrote, adding a laughing emoji and a thumbs down emoji.

"hahaha [oh my God] you're a hoot can we hang out," Beckinsale snapped back. Beckinsale's fans snapped back, too.

"what do you suggest she wears? Amish inspired fashion? Also, with this body you can wear anything ya want," one wrote.

"I hope I look as amazing as she does when I'm an 'older lady'! Honestly. Some people...." another wrote.

"If you saw her, out and about, and didn't know who Kate was, you'd have [thought] her in her 20's or very early 30's," one fan wrote. "By my experience, every ageist person is also a horrible [anger], you'll be an exact version of whatever your parents where at 45."

"What the hell is wrong with both we are all teenagers and we are all older, what is wrong is u think what u said is funny well I got news for [you] it isn't [you] need to grow up and show respect!!!" another wrote.

Beckinsale returned to Instagram in late March after an extended social media break following her split from Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson. She came back with her usual sense of humor, posting a striking photo of herself in business attire.

"Back to business. Also this is not a plant it is a painfully attached tail," she wrote, referring to the plant behind her in the photo.

The actress also marked July 1 by sharing a selfie from her car, in which she was not wearing any visible top.

"Had one of those really realistic dreams where you've driven all the way to work having forgotten to get dressed," she wrote in the caption.

Late last month, Beckinsale also joined The Good Place star Jameela Jamil in throwing some shade at the Dalai Lama after he said a woman successor should have an "attractive face."

"[Oh my God] [because] we have all loved fantasizing about a woke turtle," Beckinsale replied to Jamil's Instagram post.

Beckinsale most recently starred in the Amazon Prime series The Widow, in which she played the title character, searching for answers into the disappearance of her husband.

Photo credit: Leon Bennett/WireImage/Getty Images