'Karate Kid' Fans Mourn Passing of Actor Robert Garrison

Fans are in mourning after Karate Kid actor Robert Garrison passed away at the age of 59. After news of the actor’s death was announced Friday, fans of the star, who notably portrayed Tommy in the first Karate Kid film, took to social media to react to the death and pay their respects.

“RIP Rob Garrison from [Cobra Kai] & [Karate Kid]. So glad he got to return for season 2 of Cobra Kai and I thank him for being a part of something that has influenced my life for over 30 years,” one fan wrote, referencing Garrison’s last credited role, in which he reprised his Karate Kid character.

“Awh man. Watching Cobra Kai season 2 is gonna be a lot tougher now,” commented a second. “RIP Rob Garrison AKA Tommy. I'm glad you got a chance to be a Cobra one last time.”

“So sad to hear of the passing of [Rob Garrison],” a third fan reacted to the news. “rip.”

“I just heard that Rob Garrison AKA Tommy passed away...” one fan tweeted, tagging those involved in Cobra Kai. “My heart hurts for all of you. You're in my prayers as well as his family and friends.”

“I met [Rob Garrison] when DJing at a bar in Wheeling. He was a server at the time. After some brief small talk, he mentioned that he had been an actor. Then he said his famous line from [Karate Kid]. I was star-struck,” another recalled their brief encounter with the late actor. “I was star-struck. Rest In Peace, fellow Mountaineer.”

“Ach no ! RIP Rob Garrison. So much lasting pop culture from ‘Tommy,’” another shared.


According to Garrison’s sister-in-law, Linda, the 59-year-old passed away during the early morning hours of Friday, Sept. 27 in a West Virginia hospital. She added that his death was not sudden and that about a month before his death, he began have kidney and liver problems, which he was being treated for. Linda said that Garrison passed away after his organs began to shut down, though an official cause of death has not yet been determined.

Along with Linda, Garrison is survived by his brother, Patrick, Linda’s husband.