Kanye West Finds Support in Controversial Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Amid 2020 Election Scrutiny

The controversial presidential candidacy of Kanye West has found a supporter in Tucker Carlson. On Friday, Carlson claimed that "on core conservative issues… no one with a national platform has been more honest or sincere or effective than Kanye West has been, maybe in generations."

The Fox News host also conceded that "not everything he says is conservative," but when West talks about his faith and human life, "you start to ask yourself why aren't there any elected Republicans who sound like that," via Mediaite. He went on to say that though "they say they believe the same things, but if they actually do, why don't they talk like Kanye West does?" He added that "the answer, of course, is because they are afraid to." Carlson went on to argue that the left has been trying to "discredit" the Yeezy CEO with attacks because his ideas are resonating with voters.

"They decided to attack him as mentally ill. You hear that a lot now, but it's a relatively new tactic," Carlson said. "It was just a little over four years ago publishing a piece about Kanye West, they highlighted his most famous moments like the time he interrupted Taylor Swift… CNN described all these incidents as 'controversial,' but there was no mention of Kanye West being a danger to himself, much less mentally ill, just controversial. Not a problem, and then he appeared to say something positive about Donald Trump and everything changed in an instant."

Carlson went on to claim that while people feign worry about West, it's performative. "They're worried about the threat that West poses to Democratic party orthodoxy and therefore to their power. They don't say that out loud, they're liars, so instead, they continue to play the role of psychiatric nurse." West himself has seemingly confirmed that his candidacy is meant to siphon votes away from Democratic nominee (and current frontrunner) Joe Biden.

However, Carlson did say that "Kanye West is not a normal person," bringing the segment to a close. "We're not saying he is. He has set out loud he sometimes suffers from something he calls a sprained brain. We're not sure what that is, we're not pretending to be mental health experts and maybe Kanye West is crazy. We don't know. But it's also true — and wise people know this — that in a time like this, a lunatic time, sometimes it is only the crazy people who can see the world clearly."