Kanye West's Stepfather Says Rapper Wouldn't Be Married to Kim Kardashian If His Mother Was Still Alive

Kanye West's stepfather is speaking out, saying that he doesn't believe the rapper would be married to Kim Kardashian if his mother was still alive

During a conversation with DailyMailTV, Ulysses Blakeley spoke very candidly about how he feels his late wife Donda would feel about her son's life now.

“If Donda was alive he wouldn’t be married to Kim Kardashian because Donda would have interacted with Kim and Kanye, so as to expose the incompatibility of their relationship," he stated. "I could imagine them all at the dinner table and how uncomfortable it would be.”

Blakeley then went on to offer his personal take on how West appears to be relationships these days.

“My essential take is that he is kind of alone, I don’t know who he’s hanging out with apart from the Kardashians. I don’t see anyone from before that time, confidantes or friends before he was successful, they’re not there," he observed. "It seems like he doesn’t have that connection back to a trustworthy person, no circle of trust.”

“The people he’s created into a new family are the worst for him. They’re not artistic, Kanye is artistic. I don’t think it’s the healthiest thing for him,” Ulysses added. “What people are seeing is isolation, the lack of meaningful emotional and intellectual connection, there’s no one who is remotely his peer. It’s like he’s a prisoner in solitary. You can talk to the guards, but it’s you that’s alone in the room. The guards don’t love you.”

Finally, Ulysses commented on the notion that Donda's 2007 death is potentially related to West's current mental and emotional state.

“Anyone dealing with unresolved grief is going to have some issues. I think that some of the things he does that dismays is just part of the incalculable loss he suffered [of his mother]," he said. "I don’t think it’s a mental health issue.”

Notably, earlier this year a source close to the rapper spoke out about his perceived erratic behavior, saying that they do see a correlation between it and Donda' passing.

"If you remember, it was a year ago that this happened … almost exactly a year ago," the source said, citing similar beahoir patterns that the rapper displayed in 2017. "It happens every fall as we get close to the anniversary of his mom’s death."


"He’s up in the middle of the night texting, calling, messaging everyone and he doesn’t make any sense," the source added. "He’s rambling. His ideas aren’t always completely bad, but then he can’t communicate them and it gets confused in his own mind. He’s such a confused guy."

West does not appear to have publicly responded to his stepfather's claims.