Kanye West Reportedly Already Thinking About Next Relationship Amid Kim Kardashian Divorce

Kanye West may still be in the midst of his divorce with estranged wife Kim Kardashian, but he's allegedly already thinking about his next relationship. One source told Page Six that he wants to date an artist so that they can creatively think on the same level and "speak the same language." The insider said he wants to be "with an artist and a creative person," so "they can speak the same language to each other."

He previously told GQ, "I am Michelangelo. I am Picasso. I am unquestionably, undoubtedly, the greatest human artist of all time, It's not even a question at this point. It's just a fact." As for Kardashian, she is said to still be single and not currently dating at the moment. "She's not dating anyone because, if she were, it would be a career move. She can't go to restaurants now on dates and have paparazzi [due to the pandemic]. She can't date quietly; she doesn't even understand what that would be like."

However, another source said, "We're talking about someone who is already one of the most famous people in the world [...] she doesn't need anyone to make her more famous." Kardashian has previously been linked to Ray J, Reggie Bush, and Kris Humphries, while West has been liked with women including Amber Rose and Chanel Iman.

After months of speculation that Kardashian and West were heading for a divorce, the Keeping Up With the Karadashian star followed through with filing divorce earlier this year. Just ahead of the election in 2020, West went on a brief presidential election and said some things about his family that fans believe potentially sparked the downfall of their marriage. After admitting that he and Kim considered an abortion on their first-born, North, and accusing Kardashian and her mom, Kris Jenner, of attempting to lock him up, onlookers had a hard time shaking what had just happen, and allegedly Kardashian did too.

Sources have come forward to say that Kardashian is keeping her kids best interests at the forefront and is focusing on getting her law degree in the meantime. Fans have been able to see a few behind-the-scenes moments of how Kardashian is dealing with the divorce via the current season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. While the mom-of-four doesn't want to detail too much on-camera when it comes to her marriage, she has been allowing a little to be shown, giving her fans a little more insight on how she and her family have been dealing with the situation.