Kanye West Reactivates Twitter, Unleashes Rant on 'Mind Control'

Kanye West is officially back on social media! The rapper reactivated his Twitter account Saturday [...]

Kanye West is officially back on social media! The rapper reactivated his Twitter account Saturday after arriving in Uganda with wife, Kim Kardashian West.

The "I Love It" rapper traveled to the African country to work on his new album, Yandhi, and took to social media to post several live stream videos on Saturday, less than a week after deleting all of his accounts. In the first video, titled "Aha," as first reported by Us Weekly, he offered a glimpse of the luxurious location where the couple is staying during their trip.

West then did another livestream video, titled "Mind control," where he ranted for about 10 minutes about the problems with social media — claiming to have spoken with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about removing the "likes" from tweets.

The rapper added that he had "Mensa-level" IQ scores.

"When people try to tell me what to do, they are touching my brain," West said, declaring that people are trying to control his mind.

West also shared not being able to purchase the publishing rights to his music from Sony for $8 million to $9 million.

"I got the money. I'm not gonna say the S word. I'm not Prince, I don't need to write it on my face," he said, referencing the period when the late singer wrote the word "Slave" on his face in the 1990s amid a battle with his record company.

West then also complained about the house he and Kardashian are currently remodeling, revealing, "The house is just never finished it's costing money after money after money."

Later, West threw shade at Saturday Night Live after he previously claimed that producers tried to stop him from talking about President Donald Trump when he acted as musical guest for the season 44 premiere — claims that Pete Davidson discounted live on the last episode.

"I can't say what I want to say on SNL," he said, adding, "I will positive energy into the universe," before repeating the following several times: "We will say what we feel, we will do what we feel."

"I did that as a mantra," he explained.

"Social media told you that people didn't love me but everybody loves Ye," West added. "Unprogram your mind, open up your heart."

The rapper also talked about the work he's doing in Uganda on his new album, calling himself the "best living recording artist" and name-checking big names like Bob Marley and Tupac Shakur.

"I am not crazy," he said, adding that he can get a little intense when he's sleep deprived.

"A lot of people were trying to get me to get off social media, to not express myself, we are creative individuals, we work from our heart and our spirit, we're not corny," he continued, explaining that he would get inspiration from the air. "We're merely a vessel. When you feel great art, that's the universe and if I let humans and people tell me what to do, tell me what I can't do then I can't be a vessel to you."

Photo credit: Instagram / Kanye West