Kaley Cuoco Raises Risque Question About 'The Bachelorette' Finale

Kaley Cuoco recently raised a risque question about The Bachelorette finale. The Big Bang Theory actress appeared on Comedy Central's new late night talk show Lights Out with David Spade, where Bachelorette host Chris Harrison was a guest as well.

At one point, Spade joked, "I know we said we wouldn't get political on this show, but last night our country was faced with a huge decision: Hannah choosing Jed over Tyler." Then adding, "Turns out the guy that brought his acoustic guitar to parties was kind of a (expletive)."

Cuoco chimed in, "Ugh, it was so hard. When he sang his proposal to her I just... It was brutal. It was rough. It was so obvious who the right choice was, too."

Harrison eventually joined the conversation, prompting Cuoco to ask a very salacious question. "What is the condom budget on the show?" she asked bluntly.

"That and the STD test, easily the biggest expense," Harrison replied jokingly, to which Cuoco replied, "I figured, I just wanted to know."

In addition to Cuoco and Harrison, comedian and talk show host Jim Jefferies was also a guest on the episode.

At the end of the season of The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown chose Jed Wyatt, but then in a major twist, she reconnected with eliminated contestant Tyler Cameron.

The big moment still has fans of the show talking days later.

"This Bachelorette was the romantic trajectory of most 24 year old women which is [to] say unlearning being attracted to misogyny then believing a dude who badly plays the guitar is the love of your life then being like 'u kno what I’m on a journey' in public," one Twitter user said.


"Jed going on The Bachelorette to promote his music career & accidentally leaving engaged is like when Melania married Trump for a sugar daddy and then accidentally became First Lady...Seize a chance is the most important step in you life," someone else joked.

While this season of The Bachelorette is over, Bachelor in Paradise premieres Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.