Watch: Kaley Cuoco's Husband Karl Cook Films Hilarious Footage of Her Snoring

The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco and equestrian husband Karl Cook officially tied the knot on Saturday, but that hasn't stopped the two of them from poking fun at each other on social media.

Cook posted a video to his Instagram on Thursday of Cuoco fast asleep in the passenger seat of his car. He snapped a video of it, noticing how loud her snoring was.

"[Kaley Cuoco] snoring like a distressed walrus," Cook wrote. "I love you so much honey but wow!"

Cook added in the hashtag "shoulder surgery honeymoon," referencing the shoulder surgery Cuoco had to get just five days after the wedding.

"When your 'honeymoon' is shoulder surgery and your husband looks just as happy [laugh out loud] on the road to recovery - thank you for all the love and support," Cuoco wrote in the caption of a photo from the hospital bed after the surgery, with Cook standing next to her giving the camera a cheesy grin.

She returned to Instagram on Friday and posted a video explaining that the surgery had been planned a year in advance.

"For everyone asking, because everyone's been so sweet and worried about me, this is a planned surgery I've had for over a year," the 32-year-old actress said. "I hurt it over a year ago, did not need immediate surgery. So, I brilliantly planned it five days after our wedding. Right, babe?"

"Just brilliant, hun," Cook responded.

The couple started dating in late 2016 and got engaged a year later. Their wedding took place at a horse stable in San Diego.

Cook shared his wedding vows to Cuoco in a touching Instagram video on Tuesday.

'If you can not tell I have loved you from the very first night we met," he said. "Every day since then has been only devoted to you. From waking to midday to night time to sleeping, nothing but who we are together matters.' I promise to understand you plucking my unibrow comes from a place of love. I promise to remove any errant insect that journeys into our home. I promise to love and take care of all our animals no matter what and how many we bring home. From this breathe to my very last... I am yours.'"


Stylist Brad Goreski recorded a video of Cuoco giving her vows to Cook, where she noticeably teared up.

"And I would go to my phone, and I'd go to my notes and I couldn't write anything," she said. "And I didn't really understand why. And it's because there really weren't enough words to describe how I actually, truly feel about you."