Kaley Cuoco Had Huge Cupping Marks on Her Back at the SAG Awards and No One Noticed

Kaley Cuoco virtually attended the SAG Awards on Sunday night wearing a hot pink off-the-shoulder Prabal Gurung gown, but there was one accessory the actress had to cover up for her appearance. On Monday, Cuoco's makeup artist Jamie Greenburg shared an Instagram Reel revealing that Cuoco had gotten cupping therapy right before the show and had large circular marks on her back and shoulders as a result.

"I'm a makeup artist and I did Kaley Cuoco for the SAG Awards. I THOUGHT I was prepared…," Greenburg wrote over the clip before footage cut to Cuoco opening the door of her home and showing off the marks. "Hopefully you don't see my cupping marks during the show," the actress said. In her caption, Greenburg shared that she used Clarins' Everlasting Youth Fluid to cover them up. "Did you love Kaley’s look? Needed some magic makeup to cover up those cupping marks so thank goodness for [Clarins USA]!" she wrote.

Cuoco made her house her red carpet on Sunday and posted a series of photos of herself posing in her dress by her pool, none of which featured her back. The actress was nominated for Best Female Actor in a Comedy Series and Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series for The Flight Attendant and expressed her gratitude for her nominations in her caption. "What an honor to be recognized alongside my amazing cast and crew [Flight Attendant] by [SAG Awards]!" she wrote. "This dream has always been in the back of my mind, but for it to happen feels like I'm still in that dream. I'm truly humbled by this experience."

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Best Female Actor in a Comedy Series ultimately went to Catherine O'Hara for Schitt's Creek and the cast of that show won Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series, and judging by Cuoco's last SAG Awards post, she wasn't too upset about it. The 35-year-old shared a video of herself walking into her bedroom, declaring, "SAG Awards are over, now I can get back to my favorite show" as she got into bed with a drink and turned on Schitt's Creek. As she turned to place a bottle of champagne on her nightstand, her back was visible, revealing several cupping marks that were not covered by makeup.

"Goodnight and thank you [SAG Awards]! Wow am I grateful to be a freakin actor," her caption read. "Now to continue binging my favorite show."