Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Sparks Social Media Backlash After Posting Bathroom Selfie

Kaia Gerber, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, is stirring up controversy on social media after posting a revealing selfie. The 15-year-old took to Instagram on Thursday to unleash a pic that exposes a lot of skin, and some of her critics had words about the image.


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She shared the snap with the simple caption: "uniform."

The revealing shot shows the teen wearing nothing but a white bath robe that is barely hanging onto her arms. Kaia held the robe together with one hand while snapping the selfie with the other.

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After Kaia uploaded the selfie on the Internet, her fans and critics sounded off in the comments section. Many threw shade at the IMG model for being "too young" to post such a daring photo.

"Your mommy need to put clothes on you," one person wrote.

"Pretty GIRL...sad to see this is the image you are (portraying)," another commented. "As a mother I'd be beyond disappointed and angry...where ya at Cindy? Maybe let's start treating our girls as such and they won't be in a hurry to grow up and show off their bodies like adult women."

Kaia's supporters quickly came to her defense. Some claimed that the picture only received backlash because Kaia is a young girl and not a young boy.

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One fan wrote: "If a boy at Kaias age took a pic shirtless and posted it people wouldn't say anything...but a girl, in this instance, Kaia, takes a photo not even showin(g) her boobs or any lower body part and people go ballistic...I don't understand."

Despite the backlash, Kaia's post still racked up more than 108k likes on Instagram.


This isn't the first time that Kaia has caused controversy in her modeling career. When she was just five-years-old Kaia appeared in a controversial shoot for swimsuit designer Melissa Odabash, according to Daily Mail. She was shown looking over her shoulder while wearing no top. Kaia was dressed in just white shorts and had a fake tattoo placed on her back.

Kaia Gerber is the daughter of Cindy and Rande Gerber. She is the younger sister of 17-year-old Presley, who is also a model. Kaia will turn 16 in December.